The Hotel Hanabanilla on the Escambray Mountain was built in one of the riversides of the only among mountains lake of Cuba, of which took its name: Hanabanilla that means basket of gold in the aboriginal language. It is located in the Hanabanilla Jump, Manicaragua, to 8 km of the municipality and some 35 Kms of Santa Clara City, in full Sierra del Escambray.

Exceptional conditions offers Hotel Hanabanilla on the Escambray Mountain for the fishing and hunting lovers with a varied ecotourism modalities.

In Hanabanilla Lake, you can enjoy walks for the lake, the fishing of big trouts that in it inhabit and of some near hunting areas.

From Hotel Hanabanilla on the Escambray Mountain can be practiced the trekking, to carry out traveled by population establishments of the town and to practice the touring by bicycle among the foothills of the mountain range Guamuaya and high mountains.

The Hotel Hanabanilla on the Escambray Mountain is sourronded with green forests microfilos prevail, semideciduos, of gallery, vegetation has more than enough carso and the fauna stands out important species of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Optionally you be able to enjoy the Jump of the Hanabanilla and of the among mountains restaurant Black River where he will be able to accompany their lunch or dinner amid an atmosphere of dreams. A wide view of the lake, and guarded by noble mountains, they will convert their appointment especially event.

The Hotel Hanabamilla is perfect to liberate the city resident stress being surrounded of an impressive and paradisiacal geography, where besides the enjoyment of the nature you will be able to narrow bonds with the inhabitants of the place, humble and affable people, always prepared to offer them the coffee of the field and to offer him its friendship.